04/16/2012 update

We finally have fresh bee pollen. Please visit our online store.
We can offer local delivery! Please see details HERE.

01/31/2012 update

Now that we are settled back in Clearwater, all the beehives are in Tarpon Springs surrounded by exotic fruit trees,
we can offer local delivery! Please see details HERE.

08/29/11 update

During this summer, we have finally acquired some agricultural acreage in beautiful area near Lake Wales.
We are surrounded by state parks, big lakes and some of Florida's last undeveloped green area.
We had very small honey harvest this spring but this summer bees are bringing in a lot of honey at both of our beehive location, Tarpon Springs and Lake Wales!

06/30/11 update

Yay!!! We finally have the freshest honey straight from our hive!! We are so happy they can provide us with the gift!!!

06/01/11 update

It is getting warmer and warmer. Bees are doing fine and working but we still don't have enough honey to
bring to the market. :-( So please be patient.... We will be attending summer market in St Pete during the summer too!)

03/24/11 update

Last weekend we welcomed new colonies! Warm spring days are here now so that bees have been working very hard.
So, thanks to the bee girls, we can offer the freshest bee pollen to our customes again. :-D

03/03/11 update

We can feel the spring is here. Bees are getting busier. We are getting ready to add more hive in few weeks.
We are pretty much totally sold out of honey and bee pollen but before long we should be able to offer freshest ones!

01/30/11 update

It is this time of the year again.... we are running low on honey and bee pollen! We stop taking honey and pollen from
bees when it gets cooler (in fall) we still have some left but once these are sold out.
New batches will come in the spring, so please be patient for a little while.

11/08/10 update

Finally we have nice fall days here in Florida. This fall you can find us at St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market
much more often. Please check our event calendar page for exact days.
We also make personalized gift baskets for your special occasions. Email us to inquir. :-)

05/29/10 update

We are starting local delivery. Now you can get everything (including pollen) right at your doorstep!
Tommorow is the last day of St. Pete Market before the summer closure. We will be back in Oct there.

05/13/10 update

We now have a working shopping cart for your convenience. Weather is getting hot, still honey is coming in slow this year
even though bees are doing great!

04/09/10 update

Finally we have this year's fresh bee pollen!! Contact us if you would like to get some.


Musashi has started blogging. Read his "beekeeping blog" at http://www.musashithebee.blogspot.com

03/03/19 update

Now, we are on Twitter and Facebook! We can tell you daily bee updates! :-)

03/17/10 update

Last weekend, we welcomed many new bees to Musashi The Bee family.
Here's a little video clip when we installed our new bees last Sunday in our back yard.

03/03/10 update

What a hard and long winter it has been! This affects our bees too. :-(
When it gets cold or rainy, bees just stay in their hives and
doesn't go out to collect nector nor pollen.
But as soon as sun comes out and feels warm, they are flying all over working
extra hard to catch up with days they missed! (at least that's how it looks to us. lol)

10/30/09 update

Fall weather is finally here! And this is the slower season for bees. When it gets cooler, they slow down.
Bees needs a bit rest... But we are busier with our new skin care line(Beeauty Queen) and
handmade soaps. All of our products contain our own chemical free beeswax and/or honey.
We will be adding those to our website very soon! :-)

10/13/09 update

We updated Event Calendar to include many exciting fall events!
Recently, we have expanded our hives to another location near Lake Tarpon (about 15 mins from us).
Bees are happy to be surrounded by many exotic fruit trees and flowers.

08/10/09 update

We updated "about us" and "How is it made?" to include more information and pictures

06/25/09 update

We finally installed the shopping cart. We can now ship to all over in US and Japan!

06/22/09 update
Also new Berry Lip Balm is added too! Please go visit our "Market" for these goodies!

06/12/09 update

New pictures are added to "Gallery". Musashi took these pictures in our neighborhood this morning!

Lip balm is added to our "Market". Yukiko handmakes these in a small batch.
Click this picture...