Who is "Musashi The Bee"?

"Musashi The Bee" (Hachi no Musashi) was a famous pop song in Japan back in 70's.
So when Musashi (American husband) started to dream about being a beekeeper,
Yukiko (Japanese wife) remembered about the song.

Now just like "Musashi The Bee" was ambitious in the song, our Musashi is also ambitious to make the best urban honey around.

We are dedicated to produce healthy and natural products like people did in old days.

We are small local beekeepers who pride themselves on producing the most fresh, delicious honey available.
We sell honey products including Honey, Bee Pollen, Pure Beeswax candles, lip balms and gift baskets.

Our management method is the most natural way to possibly maintain a beehive.
It allows us to be in complete control of the quality of the honey. We use what is called, "crush and strain" method.
Each harvest of honey comes from honey comb that was freshly made by the bees.
We do not reuse the wax comb as is so common in the beekeeping industry.
There are no machines, no pumps, no hoses or other devices to interfere with the quality or taste of the honey.
It is literally as simple and pure as crushing and straining the honey. That's it.
"Crush and strain" is a work-intensive method of harvesting but our dedication to
producing the best quality honey available anywhere, drives our effort.

There is literally no more fresh or pristine product available.
We can also say this due to the fact that we use no chemicals whatsoever in the beehives.

We do not feed the bees sugar water at any time, something fairly frequent with most beekeepers today.
Sugar water increases production at certain times of the year but does not produce an all-natural product, obviously.
Also, we do not heat the honey at all, just take it from the hive, filter it and put it in jars.

we are members of the Greater Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association
and our hives have been inspected and approved by the State Dept of Agriculture.
Our honey created from the local Tampa Bay area flowers and plants
offering the immune-boosting enzymes available in pure raw honey.

Our honey literally comes from the beehive less than 1-2 weeks before the customer purchases it.
This is not a fanciful claim, the honey really is that fresh!

We live with our honeybees in Clearwater, Florida.

Click here to see our bees making honey.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and/or questions.

Musashi and Yukiko

Musashi The Bee