Here, you can see how honey and bee pollen are made at Musashi The Bee in Clearwater, FLorida.

This is where all our bees live. Musashi takes care of them very closely with lots of attention and love.
See the colored blocks on each hive?
This helps bees to identify where their home is easily.

Our little helper...

There are 9 or 10 frames in each "box" and there are usually several
boxes placed together to make one colony.


At MusashiTheBee, we use a somewhat uncommon method to have the bees build the combs. It is
pretty much as they would make in a natural setting.
We use a small wax starter strip but the rest of each frame is constructed completely by the bees.
We don't use pre-made wax or plastic "foundation" like most apiaries use.
So our starter frame looks like this.


Now the bees are making combs. Isn't it amazing they can make such a perfect hexagon shape?
Also look at the "bridges" they are making hanging onto each other.
Since there is nothing in the comb at this stage, it is so white and pretty!


Bees fly around nearby parks, gardens and preserves. They work hard to collect
pollen and nector from various blooming flowers. This bee is covered with pollen.
See the big ball of pollen on her leg?
We collect some of these balls, which are called "Bee Pollen" granules.
Bee pollen is considered one of the most complete foods in nature.


They look like colorful candies! Different colosr show they are from different flowers.


Bees are working hard, you can see the comb is being filled with honey. When it's filled,
bees "cap" them to preserve it. The upper white area is "capped"


Golden honey in the perfectly shaped hexagons!


And... when it is ready, it's all capped, ready to harvest honey!

We cut off the entire comb from the wooden frame.
We do NOT reuse the wax in the beehive. This helps us to keep the hives healthier and cleaner.


Crushed comb with honey is put into the straining bucket, where it drips into the catch bucket below.
We also use this beeswax to make our all natural lip balms and candles.


Our honey and bee pollen to your home!